1/21 – 1/27 Recap (-1.3U)

January 21: Warriors -13, Teaser, Maryland +9, Sixers/Rockets Over 234 The Warriors covered easily, beating down the Lakers in LA. an 8 Point teaser in the NBA also hit to start the week off well. Maryland only put up 55 vs Michigan State, so that cover never really had a chance. The Rockets forgot how to play offense aside from James Harden, who didn’t even play in the 4th quarter because it was such a blowout. Day total: +.5U

January 22: Duke -12.5, Kentucky -7, Raptors 1H -5.5 Duke was in control from the tip in their game against Pittsburgh. They almost relaxed a little too much and blew the cover, but ended up winning by a comfortable 15. Kentucky also dominated their game at home, stifling Mississippi State’s offense. Buddy Hield broke our hearts when he hit a 3 at the end of the first half, cutting the lead from 7 to 4. Would’ve been a nice sweep, but still a positive day. Day total: +.85U

January 23: Okla/Okla St Over 136.5, Tennessee -9, Pelicans -5 Nothing went right today. OSU started the game red hot, but then the wheels fell off and they forgot how to score down the stretch. Tennessee needed OT to beat Vandy, don’t know how that happened. The Pelicans lost at home to the Pistons, mainly due to Blake Griffin going all the way off. Not a good day. Day total: -3.3U

January 24: Thunder 1H -7, Teaser Today was a good bounce back from the 23rd. The Thunder turned it on late in the second quarter to win the first half by 12, locking in the first W of the night. They also did their part in the teaser, along with Golden State and the Blazers/Suns hitting the over. Day total: +2.55U

January 25: Heat -8.5, Mavs -5 (Push), Bucks -11.5, Nuggets 1H -9.5 The Heat crumbled down the stretch, turning a 18 point 4th quarter lead into a mere 6 point win (to the dismay of gamblers everywhere). The Mavs pushed in a game that was competitive to the end. The Bucks played 3 terrible quarters, but played out of their mind in the 4th, bringing the cover back into play. Unfortunately, they only won by 9. The Nuggets dominated the Suns from start to finish. That was the lock of the week. Day total: -1.2U

January 26: Celtics ML, TTU -10, Syracuse +7, Maryland -9, Blazers -8.5, Washington +3, Kentucky -5, Marquette -2 The Celtics played the Warriors tough, but fell apart at the end of the game. Syracuse got killed by the 3 point shot vs Virginia Tech. Maryland was not ready to play and got ran out the gym against a bad Illinois squad. Texas Tech blew a late, big lead and ended up barely beating Arkansas. The Blazers benefitted from a missed free throw in the final seconds to hang on and win by 9. Washington killed Oregon St on the road and covered real easily. Kentucky won the game of the day against Kansas, using strong second half play to take the game over. Marquette scored a whole bunch of points, which was great because they also gave up a bunch. Marcus Howard made enough big shots to get them the cover. Day total: +.05U

January 27: Michigan St -1, Rockets -8.5, Heat -4.5, Spurs -4 The Spartans went into Purdue and played terribly in the first half, which ended up being too much to come back from in the end. The Rockets played bad in the first half as well, and a late push to the cover was ended by an Aaron Gordon three pointer in the final seconds. The Heat and Spurs both pulled away in their respective second halves. The Spurs game was drama free, but the Heat needed some made free throws to ensure the cover. Day total: -.8U

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