January 16, 2019 Picks

Auburn @ Texas A&M 7PM ET, Kansas St @ Oklahoma 7 PM ET, Iowa ST @ Texas Tech 9 PM ET

Pick: 3-Team Moneyline Parlay (Auburn, Oklahoma, TTU), +175

Bucks @ Grizzlies 8 PM ET Line: Bucks -5.5 O/U 212.5

Pick: Bucks -5.5

Nets @ Rockets 8 PM ET Line: Rockets -5.5 O/U 225

Pick: Rockets -5.5

Spurs @ Mavs 8:35 PM ET Line: Spurs -1 O/U 217.5

Pick: Mavs +1

Starting off the night with a juicy moneyline parlay. As a refresher, this means that all 3 teams need to win to win the bet, it doesn’t matter how much they win by. This one has three ranked teams playing unranked opponents. Oklahoma takes on a tough K-State team, but they’re at home so they should take care of business. Same goes for TTU, but they’re better than Oklahoma so I’m not worried about them. Auburn is on the road which could pose some trouble, but the value outweighs the risk.

In the NBA, the Bucks travel to Memphis in what should be an easy victory. The only thing that could hurt the Bucks is they are on the second leg of a back-to-back, but last night’s game was a breeze, so they should not be too tired. The Rockets are at home taking on a mediocre Nets team with James Harden coming off a 50-burger. If Harden is able to find his shot from deep, the Rockets will cruise by the Nets in this one. To finish out the night, the Mavs host the Spurs. Dallas is a great team at home (16-5) and the Spurs are just 7-14 on the road. Playing the numbers on this one. Go win some money.

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