Jan 7 – Jan 13 Recap (+2.1U)

January 7: Alabama -5.5 (-1.1U) Trevor Lawrence went to prom 10 months ago and is now tearing up what is supposed to be the top defense in the NCAA. Big things ahead for him and Clemson.

January 8: UNC +1, Okla/TTU Under (+2U) Starting off college basketball bets on a high note, 2-0 today. UNC’s offense is fun to watch, TTU defense makes games hard to watch. Would be an interesting matchup to see these teams in the Elite 8 or Final 4.

January 9: Rockets +1.5, Lakers -2 (-.1U) The Rockets-Bucks game was a good one to watch. Houston’s 4th quarter rally came up just short courtesy of some timely Giannis put backs in the final minutes. The ultimate demise of the Rockets was the third quarter. 23 points in a quarter for one of the most explosive offensive teams in the league just isn’t gonna cut it. Luckily, the Lakers took care of business at home against a Pistons team that looked dreadful at times. Shout out to the bookmaker that put the line at -2 because that was as much of a lock as you’re going to get.

January 10: Heat 1H +1, Michigan -9.5, Nuggets/Clips Over 225.5, Washington -2 (CBB) (+1.9U) A good day that could’ve been great if not for a heartbreaking over miss in Denver. You know its not meant to be when the 2nd-best free throw shooter in the league (Galinari) misses 3 from the charity stripe (the over missed by 5). Aside from that, Michigan made me sweat but eventually won by 10, and the Heat and Washington Huskies dominated games to cover without any issue. Rolling into the weekend on a good note, let’s keep it going.

January 11: Bucks -1, Lakers +8.5, Wisconsin -3 (CBB), Trail Blazers -6.5 (-2.3U) Yikes. Not the best start to the weekend. Portland saved the day to stop the bleeding in a dominant win, but the rest of these teams played poorly. The Lakers looked awful, Wisconsin had its most turnovers all season, and the Bucks offense looked lost without Giannis (and the Wizards shot absurdly well from three-point range). Gave back the winnings from the 10th, but still slightly positive on the week, gearing up for some NFL Divisional round fun the next two days.

January 12: TTU +1, Kansas -3.5, Colts +5.5, Colts/Chiefs Under 56.5, Rams -7 (+2.9U) College basketball heater continued Saturday with two relatively easy covers. Texas Tech used a late second half spurt to control the last 5 minutes of that game, and Kansas got out to a 18-2 lead to start the game. They tried their best to blow the cover though, needing a defensive stop with 1.1 seconds remaining in the game to keep the 5 point margin of victory (which they did). They were up 20 with 6 minutes to play, so that would have been the worst beat of the week for me by far. The Chiefs looked phenomenal on both sides of the ball in their game with the Colts. Luckily, the Colts offense was pitiful so the Under survived even though the spread did not. The late NFL game was dominated by the Rams rushing attack (Gurley, Anderson) and was never really in doubt until the last few minutes. Anyone that had Rams -7 owes Jason Garrett a beer for kicking the extra point instead of going for two with two minutes left in the game (2-pt conversion would have resulted in a push). Got back the losses from Friday and then some, let’s finish strong Sunday.

January 13: Patriots/Chargers Over 47.5, Saints -8, Rockets -6 (-1.1U) Not the finish you want to the week, but still kept us in the positive overall for the week (+2.1U). The Patriots looked impressive on offense leading to an easy Over. Wil Lutz owes us all money for missing a field goal that would’ve pushed the lead to 9, but I don’t have his Venmo so I’ll probably never get that. Apparently the Magic got hot as of late, knocking off the Celtics and Rockets in back to back nights. It helped that Harden went 1-17 from three-point range, which I don’t think he’ll do again for a while. Its always a good week when you finish in the positive.

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