January 9, 2019 Picks

Bucks vs Rockets 8 PM ET (ESPN) Line: Bucks -1.5 O/U 227.5

Pick: Rockets +1.5

Pistons vs Lakers 10:30 PM ET (ESPN) Line: Lakers -2 O/U 215.5

Pick: Lakers -2

I’m in the same spot with the NBA as I was with college basketball: not paying much attention during NCAAF and NFL season. But with both of those winding down its time to get it going again. ESPN’s first primetime matchup of the night highlights two offense powerhouses with the Bucks and the Rockets going at it. These are two teams with championship aspirations, and early on, the Bucks seem like the more capable team. Houston had a terribly disappointing start to the season, but have picked it up a bit as of late. I think being at home gives the Rockets the edge in this one (Bucks are just 9-7 on the road, compared to 19-4 in Milwaukee, and Houston is 14-5 at home). Rockets +1.5.

The late-late game of the night is the LA LeBrons against the Pistons. I know little-to-nothing about Detroit, aside from Andre Drummond being really good (Blake Griffin too I guess). The Pistons are going from a home loss Monday and traveling three timezones West, so this game is being played at 1:30 AM on their body clock (the Eastern timezone is awful for watching sports). And if a LeBron team can’t take care of business at home against a lowly team like the Pistons, nobody in the Staples Center should feel good about their job security. Lakers -2. Go win some money.

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