First Blog – Intro

Guys and gals, welcome to the first ever post on WildCardPick, a sports betting blog I’m gonna use to share some of my thoughts on games in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and college sports. I’ve only been betting for around a year (at the time of this post), but I think its fun to let people know what’s going thru my mind on certain bets, while also tracking progress. These are by no means all locks (I wish), so tail or fade as you desire. Some of the content might not be the most in-depth, and the analysis will be brief. I’m sick of all these articles that give you a wall of information before actually giving the pick, so I am going to lead with the game, pick, and follow with notes. I will try to center on nationally televised games to cater to a wider audience. I also intend to do weekly summary posts with the results and win/loss amount. The early stages will be a lot of trial and error, with improvements as we go. I don’t know if this is going to be see by 0, 10, or lots of people so I’m just gonna have fun with it and see where it goes. Let’s do it.

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